Athleisure that’s studio – and – street-ready.

Comfortable and chic. Luxurious and sustainable.


Athleisure that’s studio – and – street-ready.

Comfortable and chic. Luxurious and sustainable.

We blend luxury and functionality so you can play in the realm of possibilities, look stunning, and feel good all day — from the inside out.

We transform ocean plastic into trendy, long-lasting, limited edition pieces that help you get the most out of your day

Our Core Values


Sustainable and ethical production processes are at the heart of our brand. We’re here to show how we can all live life out loud without causing more harm to our planet and communities.

Our Core


From fabric to fit, everything is chosen with an intention to help you move through the day with confidence, comfort, and joy. Our customers deserve the best and we’re here to make it happen.


Activewear by Ouander is long-lasting and complements your dynamic lifestyle. We strive to make luxe pieces that are as enduring as the humans who wear them.


When the pandemic hit, the lines blurred between all parts of our founder Magdalena’s life – can you relate?

Overnight, business travel transformed into virtual meetings from home, punctuated by grocery shopping, a thousand other chores, and wellness rituals (a non-negotiable!). Yoga pants became the new normal.

WFH or not, Magdalena had always wondered why athleisure wasn’t more adaptable, while switching between different outfits throughout the day.

For years, she and her friends had been searching for the perfect comfy-chic athleisure pieces that could be dressed up or down to fit seamlessly into their busy schedules.

Because sure, it was acceptable to step out in yoga pants – but did we feel good about it?

Ouander was born to shift that vibe.

When Magdalena couldn’t find what she was looking for at her favorite stores and brands, she decided to design revolutionary activewear that’s both studio ready and street ready. Leggings with heels? Yes please!

Yoga, spinning, hiking with your dog, virtual meetings, coffee dates, or brunch with friends – each Ouander piece fits like a dream and helps you live life to the fullest…

…while making sure you look gorgeous, feel confident, and rest easy knowing that you’ve been mindful about your ecological footprint.

Fair consumption, not fast fashion


“Up to 47% of all fibre entering the fashion value chain becomes waste throughout the myriad of different stages of production from fiber, yarn, fabric up to a garment.”– ReverseResources

That’s why we source our fabric from sustainability legends Carvico and Repreve, who are constantly finessing the upcycling process to reduce waste, lower water consumption, and minimize harm to marine wildlife.

This is also why we say no to mass production – instead, we create limited edition collections that produce less waste and resonate with our customers’ authentic expression, lifestyle, and values.

We’re Always
Learning And Evolving

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